Princeton :: "Remembance Of Things To Come"

The soul of baroque, sun-soaked pop grew up on a tiny street in the Western part of Los Angeles. Princeton, the band of two brothers, were reared on the street of the same name in Santa Monica, a tree-lined slice of two-story heaven just a short jaunt from the best tacos and watermelon drink in the city down on Olympic Boulevard. It is this type of sprawling suburban dream where you can imagine a childhood with equal parts Bach, Vivaldi, Paul Simon and Joni Mitchell. Princeton, the band, distills these elements, a dose of the Classical and portions of the World and folk traditions that inform so much of modern independent rock, into something gorgeous and swimming on latest single, "Remembrance Of Thing To Come". The afternoons languidly spill into evenings and the trees block just enough of the south-facing sides of the houses, and though we know none of this is new, it feels rich and important when done this well.

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