We Humans :: "One In A Million"

As something wickedly poppy this way comes, We Humans might the next speeding pixel on the horizon with the kind of crossover potential that makes major label scouts think, "this could save my job" and advertising executives think, "What would it cost to use that song, 50k? Great, let's do it." Sounding a whole lot like Parklife-era Blur, We Humans only played their first proper live gig back in June and have just three demos streaming on their Facebook and Soundcloud portals. They have 15 followers on Twitter. Which means this is only the start of something far more serious and far reaching than the glossy, international sounding pop that we hear from them now. This is how you will know if the record industry folks are doing their jobs, feverishly hunting down bands on the Internet and seeing the possibilities open up like a smashed vending machine. We Humans are headed for movie soundtracks, television placements and late night talk show performances if the cards fall right. On "One In A Million", a burnished, silky single, the band sounds utterly precocious, even on bits of instantly memorable and meaningless pop lyrics like, "You're just one in a million faces/going nowhere, you're going places." For some reason, the Hype Machine tells us that this will be the first post about the band in the United States. This will offend your later self as much as it surprises me now.

One In A Million by We Humans

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Joslynm said...

Vaguely reminiscent of The Breeders "Cannonball". Enjoyed.