Bent Shapes :: "Big Machines"

Boy-girl, garage-twee drone opens the Bent Shapes propulsive new cut, "Big Machines", building to one of the best lyrics of 2013, "Things would be great if great things could stay that way." The furtive interplay between the band's three vocalists crafts a breezy summer jam, replete with a bit of wind-down interlude in the middle to cast the finishing kick in appropriate relief. Nothing massively inventive but nothing hopelessly derivative either, Bent Shapes sharpen their influences to a point on "Big Machines" and "Behead Yrself, Pt. 2". The latter is the lead track from their debut record, Feels Weird, due out August 20th on do-no-wrong Father/Daughter Records. Despite their initial contentions that greatness is fleeting, it would be remiss not to grant them, at the very least, the summer.

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