St. Lenox :: "Just Friends"

St. Lenox is all lounge-singer-gone-right. On "Just Friends", band mastermind, Andrew Choi, sprays soulful vocals about a failed relationship ("I never could hold my tongue/you never could hold your liquor") over one of those 1970s keyboard progressions that screams of washed out bedrooms and pixelated afternoon television. The R&B vibe hangs as the corners, but the other influences are hard to place, an arrangement that denies easy treatment. The chorus, and the whole thing is one catchy melodic transition to another, finds Choi asking for time to get over this lost love as his voice turns heartbroken on lines like, "Go it alone, suffer on just a little bit longer ... Need a little more time to let it go". It's immensely memorable, a hook you want to sing and sing again, a brilliant slice of pop in a tiny package.

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