Lion Bark :: "Two Prongs"

Brighton's Lion Bark, a group of music school drop-outs, put together a carefully layered dose of throw-back pop on debut song, "Two Prongs". A simple slow-drive about a woman rife with terrible contradictions - the "Two Prongs" thing - Lion Bark showcase delicate harmonies that recall some of the recent work of Los Angeles band, Warships, the kind of thing that would only require a box-step and a harpsichord to reveal some of its The Mamas and the Papas' footnotes. Four of the band's five members are listed as possible vocalists, and this sounds more than plausible in the song's silky refrain. Melodramatic in moments, "Two Prongs" describes the trappings - and this word works on two levels here - of the terrible claustrophobia of human relations.

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