Fancy Werewolves :: "Ghosts of Detroit" [Video Premiere]

This morning we are proud to debut the video for the stunning "Ghosts of Detroit" from Fancy Werewolves. The video is a visual love song to Detroit, a majority of the footage containing a steady shot of female lead singer, Katie Whitecar, riding around the city in the back of a pick-up truck. The other stars are the humans of Detroit, a subtle attempt to salvage the humanity of the city from the world of post-1970s economics, from rumored and real bankruptcies. Like the surging chorus of "Ghosts of Detroit", still one of the best unsigned rock songs of the past year, there is triumph and beauty here instead of blight. We can smile, laugh, think our deep thoughts under Midwestern skies, even if the world is falling down around us. As Whitecar sings, "We'll be like ghosts running, scared of nothing, flying through the empty streets," presenting the listener with all the things that have been lost here and all the promise that remains.

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