Kevin Drew :: "Good Sex"

It's a long way from Kevin Drew's work in Broken Social Scene to sophomore record, Darlings, under his own name and its lead single, "Good Sex". A mixture of soaring synthesizers, plaintive guitars and piano obbligatos borrowed right from Arcade Fire's early work, Drew chases toward something fecund and pure. The sensuality arrives from this combination of the sordid and the sanctified, though the sonic aesthetics are straight from the National or War On Drugs playbook, two bands that never exactly typified sex. Somehow distant, vaguely graphic Americana sounds right coming from Drew, like "Lover's Spit" or a lyric like "park that car, drop that phone". The last line, "I'm still breathing with you, baby" remains a statement of existential truth and a romantic survival instinct in a world of devaluation and needless determinism.

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