Paperwhite :: "Got Me Goin"

Caught somewhere between gravity and inertia, Katie Marshall of Brooklyn's Paperwhite sings, "I am frozen, out of motion" on debut single, "Got Me Goin". As the title, indicates, this jam, and they could easily be the next synth-pop outfit to inherit the throne of a band like Chairlift, is about movement. Marshall sings in the pre-chorus, "Is it something new that pushes me in motion towards you?" before racing synthesizers and a crystalline vocal that holds both the cloying and intense qualities of Caroline Polachek take to the top of the room. Marshall's vocal is an immediate star turn, while her brother, dummer in Savoir Adore, Ben, takes the lead on the glittering production. It is only a debut, to be sure, but it is one of the most promising ones you'll hear in 2014, a band spinning toward the sky. As Marshall sings near the end of "Got Me Goin", "Now I'm floating in thin air", a phase change of difference from the opening, frozen stasis, a mixture of form meeting function.

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