Marque Dos :: "City At Night"

Urban landscapes after hours are designed for the percussive imaginations of the young. It didn't take a super genius to grasp the visceral nature of M83's "Midnight City"; the lyrics didn't matter: you were downtown in the city of your choosing, the neon lights came up as you got down. You would smile wide, the cut shots would be as quick as your laughter, the rent would somehow be manageable, your friends would be good looking but not annoyingly so. You didn't have to live in a city, just to imagine that one day you might, and when you did, the person you might be then and the things that your newly imagined self might do and say. It would all be, for lack of a better term, cool. Marque Dos, a New York band who do in fact live here in New York, spin this fable of urban escapism on the obviously titled, "City At Night". Minus the weirdly empty mix in the first verse, the 1990s Club Music piano foretells the chorus, a big, dumb and undeniable burner. This song won't necessarily end up on Top 40 radio in its current form, but it isn't far away - insouciant lyrics like "Well if the lights are coming alive, alright" making the perfect mindless chanting for great times in the early hours, an imagined series of aerobic feasts. Labels take notice, Marque Dos have a mountain of non-negotiable pop on "City At Night", as silly and satisfying as punching the air.

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