Acid House Kings :: "This Heart Is A Stone"

The streets are warm to the touch and the mosquitoes are taxiing for landing on your forearm like Goose's F-14 in Top Gun. It's certainly the middle of summer and The Acid House Kings are always a dose of sonic sunshine. "This Heart Is A Stone" is so sweet sounding you might miss the lyrics which are so sad it's almost unbelievable. They reflect hope in the face of almost unspeakable failure. Some of the lyrics would be crushing if they weren't so funny. Acid House Kings never claimed to be serious. After all, it's jangly pop music not Third World Debt. It's not complicated. Somethings you can just enjoy.

Listen :: Acid House Kings - This Heart Is A Stone

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phoebeplagens said...

i want to date this song until labor day. to use geoffesque vocab, it tore me into shreds and then rearranged me just in time for the chrous.