The Killers :: "Neon Tiger" and "Spaceman" [Video]

The Killers' lead singer Brandon Flowers insists they never left. And to be fair, Sam's Town was far better than anyone gave it credit for. It wasn't Hot Fuss and it wasn't the best album of the last 20 years but, you could argue that "When You Were Young" was the best song of late '06-early '07. Well, the band is back. Two nights ago at the Highline Ballroom the band played a (SURPRISE!) show for fans announced their myspace or ilike or facebook or something. They ran through a set of old favorites and some new material. "Spaceman" and "Neon Tiger" don't look headed for the radio but they're solid and most importantly, they're new. And don't forget the poor fan who tracked down the secret show, got there early enough to be in the front row, and then spent the evening behind the lens of a camera. Killers: 1. Youtube kids: 0.


"Neon Tiger"

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Anonymous said...

Not going to radio? are you kidding? These have airplay all over them!