Happy 4th of July and Add Water Jamz from DJ Natty Heavy

It's America's 232nd Birthday people and you've got to figure your business out. It's a holiday we celebrate by eating things cooked over fire and shooting small arms fire into the sky. It's actually more like Afghanistan than we'd like to admit. So, like last year, I hope it's a good one and we'll be back Monday. You deserve this, America. Because, deep down, we fucking love this place that we've come to know. Happy 232.

I promised to never post blog-hop. This is not that. This is from our BOY. DJ (dee-jay!) Natty (natty!) Heavy (heavy!). (F-F-F-FOG-FOGHORN!). He produces the #1 morning radio show in South Carolina and he spins jams on the weekends while the best and brightest come out and pound the streets of Charleston. If you're in the area, you'll see him out and you can buy him a drink. Otherwise, for those of you not in the South, DJ Natty Heavy has cut us a mixtape for the Northerners who'd like to spend almost 40-minutes in the dirty. He even cuts the Ting Tings in there for you glam-rock, hipster shitheads. It's called Ya'll Can't Dance Vol.2 and it's up for free download on Nattyheavy.com. We're linking it up so you can download, put it in the iPod, add water and have straight cash on your speakers for the 4th of July. Check it up or check it out.

Listen :: DJ Nattyheavy - Ya'll Can't Dance Vol.2 (39:59)

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