Forest Fire :: "Fortune Teller"

The song "Fortune Teller" is pure mixtape fodder. I don't love the rest of the record. I will, of course, encourage you to see for yourself. But, for me, Forest Fire's record is just ok. In fact, Motel Motel does a slightly more heartbreaking, alt-country version of the same sound. So you can download the album. Do it in a few minutes. It's free. You might like it.

But for now, this song is pure mixtape fodder. And it's great. You're burning a CD. You've got a playlist going. What can you stuff in the middle that will both excite and perplex people? You need a good track 11. You want something unrecognizable, so as to enhance your reputation as a selector of tunes, but it has to be solid, so as to enhance your reputation as a selector of tunes. It should thump a little bit and get itself noticed but not do too much. After all, you don't know very much about, nor do you all that much like, this band. You want this song to stick out by blending in. You want it to be perfectly noticed and also a little forgettable. The LAST thing you need is a conversation where someone asks "who is that?" and all you can come up with is "...it's Forest Fire." And then people are asking questions and you're stumped. You look like a moron. They continue: "Why did you put it on the mix if you don't know anything about them? Do you even like the album?" (See above). You had hoped this would go better.

The song is called "Fortune Teller." And it's perfect for your next mixtape. Just make sure people don't ask too many questions.

Listen :: Forest Fire - Fortune Teller


Unknown said...

'slow motion' is the true gem on this record. i also encourage you to listen to it some more...it's real good.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mister Mix Tape Fodder,
Good Luck Enhancing Your Reputation As The Selector of Tunes.