First Look: Omes :: "Give Blood"

A few months back we featured I Was A Cub Scout and then announced their demise. It wasn't pretty. I fell in love with the band just in time to be crushed by their break-up. Thankfully, both members of the band are still making music, albeit under different titles. The closest to the Cub Scout ne0-Cure aesthetic is Omes.

It's bouncy and vocally a little rough (although, he is rumored to have recorded it in one take). Most of all it spits an image of the world where hope is never a bad thing. "I will sing out. I will sing loud. I will have you again. I will give blood." Here, the image of giving blood is one of either real or metaphorical altruism. You can't help but wonder if lead singer Todd Marriot isn't referring to the "you plural." New band, new commitments. New desire to possess fans even at the cost of blood. This isn't a first single - it's a promise to work hard.

It takes a few listens to find you but Omes' "Give Blood" is as hooky as they come. Spin it through twice and then unload your thoughts. Unlike our Cub Scout disaster, we're on this right on time. It's just a stream but that's the price you pay for being early. 

Give Blood - Omes


Anonymous said...

I give Omes an O-.

32feet said...

is that harsh or positive? when making a blood type pun, it's best to be clear.