Lake :: "Blue Ocean Blue"

For a Monday morning, we've got a bouncy bit of indie-pop. With a laissez-faire horn bassline and a little bit of cowbell (and wait, are they relying that heavily on a clap track?), Lake's "Blue Ocean Blue" is the slappy-happy end of the pop spectrum. The lyrics, that's a different story.

"Always looking to obscure the most beautiful things/well, I guess that is your right/unexplainable emotions pushing you to the wall/coming up chasing unattainable light."

If it were more Noah And The Whale and less Architecture In Helsinki, it would be depressing. But it's the closest thing we've seen to "Heart It Races" since, well, "Heart It Races." Somehow, within all the down-tempo imagery, you can't help but feel like this is a meditation on something uplifting. Or maybe when you're talking about your nemesis, it's easier to slam them with a clap-track and horn punch than anything else. If it's a case of smiling down the people we hate, consider us schooled. If it's a case of foot-tapping through the darkness, consider this your soundtrack. And just try to obscure that.

Listen :: Lake - Blue Ocean Blue

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