Odds and Ends

I am not in the habit of needlessly promoting people I know. But, there's a new blog on the Internet, run by my friend Chuck, that is going absolutely eat people for breakfast. In fact, it soundly turns the blog world on its head, shakes it until what little change comes out of its pockets and then sits it down and admonishes it for being dumb. Most music blogs (including this one) are about bringing you new music you might not have heard yet. It's a devouring cycle where bands are promoted too early, too big, and too often. Rhetoric reaches a fever pitch. People start to hate everything. We become assholes.

Where did this come from? More importantly. Where did these bands come from? Well, Chuck started Dead Bands, a blog completely concerned with bands that no longer exist, yet who nonetheless provided profound musical foundation for all the new shit we listen to now. It's like an indie rock way back machine. It's like Back To The Future 4: In which Temple Of The Dog go on a hunger strike. Anyways, head on over to Dead Bands and let him know what you think. He's got more music knowledge in his little finger than a Brooklyn Vegan commenter has in their entire 350 square-foot, studio apartment. Fact. Check it up or check it out.

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