And we're back :: The Little Ones - "Morning Tide"

In a new running feature on 32ft, we'll be making no apology for a prolonged absence. Really. Not even a little. But thanks to Brooklyn Vegan for linking up to the Bloc Party review. And thanks to the commenters for claiming the show (and more specifically, I) sucked. Well, I'll tell you this (anonymous) commenters and then we'll move on: try to care about something, and not in an ironic sense either. Really try to care. Who do you (sortof) like, Deerhoof? Don't lie to me. You do. Which means your musical taste is heavily in question from the jump. I don't mind that you like Deerhoof. I actually think it's a solid call for you. Just don't trash Bloc Party after you paid to go to their show. This is a little like kissing a girl you don't find attractive and then getting mad at her for compromising her principles. It just doesn't wash. I'll be listening to the new Stills album, which I imagine, you can't stand. And we're back ...

Back in 2005-06, I was riding to work on the G and then the A train. I was busing tables in midtown, making about zero dollars and I thought my life was turning into a black hole. The Mexican chef at work told me I was the only white busboy in New York. Which was funny until all the illegal labor in the city went on strike (people don't remember this now, but it happened) and being a white busboy was a valuable, if not an achingly important occupation. On my way to work, I found myself listening to The Little Ones', "Lovers Who Uncover." It was among the songs that would keep my head above water and make me feel a little more like waking up in the morning. That being said, I don't love their new single, "Morning Tide" but it sure as hell ain't bad. In fact, listening to it now, it's pretty good. And for keeping me awake and alive on the A-train platform in 2005, I don't mind telling you to check out this band. Bounce.

Listen :: The Little Ones - Morning Tide

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