Airborne Toxic Event :: LP (S/T)

Today is August 5 and The Airborne Toxic Event album is descending on music retailers like an infectious cloud. I know the kids aren't really into buying records these days. I know most bands only have two good songs. And I know that we're all too cynical for our own good. Which is why it's so important that you find a way to listen to this album.

From album opener "Wishing Well," to the massive closer "Innocence" the band's first self-titled LP is diverse, more than a little epic and as approachable a rock album as you've heard in a while. "Sometime Around Midnight" is the clear stand-out, with a second-half that causes some people to wonder if this band couldn't end up playing stadiums when all is said and done. And there are smaller songs like "Does This Mean You're Moving On?," a heart-breaking ode to jealousy in New York City. This is a band that traffics in post-punk, synth-rock, 1950s throw-back and it's all packaged with literate lyrics from a lead-singer who used to write novels. 

I'll leave you with an acoustic version of the band's single, "Sometime Around Midnight" and while you're listening, go find the record and buy it. I promise it'll be in your end-of-the-year Top 10. It might be in my Top 2. 

"Sometime Around Midnight" (Acoustic)

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