The Piano Creeps :: "Hey Love"

Despite its chatty and potentially affectionate title, The Piano Creeps', "Hey Love" is neither. It's dark and more than a little haunting, in the same style that K's Choice made crisp, if at times unmemorable, adult alternative music in the late 1990s. In "Hey Love," a hollow, plinking piano progression drives the kind of melody that could either end an episode of Gossip Girl or, used in an ironic way, be in the final murderous scenes of a medium-budget horror movie.

To tell you the honest truth, the first image that popped up was the famous gun-fight in Face/Off where Nick Cage (or Travolta, I forget who is wearing which face at this point) puts the headphones on Castor Troy's kid and "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" echos through a scene ostensibly about shooting everything that moves. Maybe because "Hey Love" is about losing that killer instinct, it seems perfect for a homicidal visual. There is something absolutely crushing going on here and The Piano Creeps aren't afraid to call it what it is: "hey love, don't make yourself unhappy/hey love, you know the situation's bad/each day means one less happy ending/hey love, hey love, you make me so damn sad." So the bullets whiz by your face and you flip into a barrel roll. You aim your weapon at motion and the slow-motion camera yawns to the left. Everyone is about to fictionally die.

Listen :: The Piano Creeps - "Hey Love"

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