Awesome New Republic :: "2k3012"

The start dates of the first true Republic range anywhere from ancient Rome to the day Barack Obama announced he was running for President. Now, an Awesome New Republic in America, that could date anywhere from 1776-2000 (we'll assume anything that happened after the Clinton administration was neither "awesome" nor particularly "republican" - despite what the ironically-titled party in power would have said). Founded not in 1789, this Awesome New Republic (a musical one) kicked off in Miami in 2003 (oddly, the same place where three years earlier the Republic had been hijacked and stolen with all the grace of gas station robbery).

What did they sound like? They wanted to mix genres together into a cocktail that would be equal parts synth-rock, dance break-beat, and alt-rock. You can imagine they succeeded. And a mixing of parts will pass for success in the same way approaching a soda-fountain with a democratic mind-set will successfully give you something extremely sweet, though not particularly tasting like Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, or Hi-C. It's just a light brown and has enough sugar to make you diabetic by mid-afternoon.

Well, "2k3012" doesn't exactly work but it's an interesting experiment. And there are moments, mostly under the age of 12, when you take a tug on your straw and you're sure that your "mixture" is better than any of it's individual parts. You're wrong. But you tried. Which is more than your unadventurous, Sprite-drinking, colleagues could say. And I'd rather go down in corn syrup dreams than drink the same shit every day.

Listen :: Awesome New Republic - "2k3012"


Anonymous said...

So is ittt good? i think it's pretty goooood. wanna see what's next -

32feet said...

it is "good." but i'm not sure how good. it's the postmodern legacy: we think things are good but we just can't be sure.