Dan Black :: "HYPNTZ"

This is an absolute smash. Well, again.

Dan Black, London turned Paris' version of Tom Vek spits a half-choral, half-orchestral cover of Notorious B.I.G.'s "Hypnotize." Not to say it's better than the original. They're entirely different animals. But Black has re-imagined the song melodically and added the "Umbrella" rhythm section and Jigga's "un-huh's." The combination sounds disjointed but it sails along like zero-gravity montage to 2009: A Space Odyssey starring Biggie.

Black also just pulled down a record deal and has some original material up on his myspace - check out "Wonder" for a darker (new-wavey?) version of that Tom Vek idea that set New York on fire in 2005. Basically, this kid is going to be massive when all is said and done. Massive.

"HYPNTZ" should liquidate your Friday and send your assets plunging into oblivion. The market ain't everything. There was a time in the 90s when words could hypnotize. Which is why I'm so broke and you're so paid.

Listen :: Dan Black - HYPNTZ

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