Tigercity :: Live on XFM [9.18.08]

Tigercity has been one of my favorite New York bands ever since I saw them open for Junior Boys in early 2007. I was blind-sided. I ended up not even staying for the headliner. It was both mainstream and avant-garde at the same time. It was somehow derivative and exciting. In the best spirit of indie rock, it was looking backwards while trying to sprint through a wall. At the time, I made some Hall and Oates references but Tigercity was more than a few name-checks in a decently put together concert review. More than many bands I saw that year, I felt Tigercity had a chance to get up and get out. I started rooting for them.

That was 18-months ago. They're still touring behind a mini-album Pretend Not To Love and last night they hit XFM with a two-song set and a brief interview. Is this a step-towards that super-hit status? Maybe. But probably not. I guess I thought they would be bigger by now. And I'm not happy they're not. But, in the great spirit of indie rock, I'll keep it like a secret.

Listen :: Tigercity (Live on XFM 9.18.08)

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Anonymous said...

You're gonna post about Tigercity and not Miracle Fortress? Can you right this wrong?