Miniature Tigers :: "Cannibal Queen"

You could argue that animal names for bands ceased being useful when Montreal's AIDS Wolf hit the scene in 2005. If a deadly communicable illness and a vicious pack animal could be lumped together, where would it stop? Animal Collective? Nope. Tigercity? Certainly not. The Republic Tigers? Already on Gossip Girl.

But maybe there's room for. just. one. more. Miniature Tigers pop out of Phoenix, Arizona with a song sweet enough to rip out your fillings and stick your jaw together like a sugar baby. "Cannibal Queen" has the up-down-up-down guitar riff that Destiny's Child borrowed from Fleetwood Mac for "Bootylicious." Wait for it. Yeah, it's almost identical.

The lyrics are your average, sad-sack, "I just want somebody to love, please don't hurt me again, I've been burned before but GOD do I remain hopeful" type of fare. But, underneath what seems obvious is something else. He's actually talking about eating this girl's heart. Sure, it's supposed to be cute but (I'll say it again) he's talking about eating this girl's heart. And he means it in a good way. Do that math.

Listen :: Miniature Tigers - "Cannibal Queen"

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