beat radio :: "Sunday Matinee" and "Sleepwalking"

I have a particularly bad habit of pointing out my favorite part of a song. Now, this is not irrational but it is probably pretty annoying as I look increasingly excited, raise my hand in a "stop, no, no, keep going" sort of way and say something like, "wait, this is my favorite part." It is reductionist. It is socially gauche. It is still what keeps me coming back to certain moments in music - my favorite part, maybe at your expense, but my favorite part.

New York's beat radio have a fuzzy pop-record with lyrics from the confessional and observational school of Ben Gibbard. "Sunday Matinee" is a back-loaded meditation on what it feels like to go see rock music with a girl that you're uncontrollably into. Perhaps more importantly, it's about finding that moment, in yourself or in someone else, where you say "stop stop, this is my favorite part." Finding transcendence in one moment, "when the bass drops out/and the singer screams and shouts/and you say, 'this is that song I was talkin' about,'" and meaning in a quieter one: "and when you lean in close/and tell me it's the part you love the most." Yeah, waitwait, this is it. Right here. Listen.

Listen :: beat radio - "Sunday Matinee"
Listen :: beat radio - "Sleepwalking"

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