Editors :: "Papillion" [LAmour La mourge Remix]

Editors returned with a booming, synth-heavy new single "Papillion" a few weeks back. The usual critics stepped up to say the predictable things. Frankly, they've never much liked this band in the first place. But "Papillion" wasn't necessarily in existence to please the illuminati. It was dark, sounding halfway like Orgy's take on "Blue Monday" from 1999 and halfway like a lost Human League single from '85. With all these electronics and synths humming around, it was ripe for remix. Striking the balance between love and death (about right for a band with this sense of over-blown drama), the L'Amour La mourge remix throws some 90s house-piano behind a major-key take on the the original melody. With room for an oddly spacious breakdown, it turns "Papillion" from a synthesizer throw-back to a club-ready dance cut. If you didn't like Editors before, don't get ready to change your mind. But if you thought Bloc Party's "Flux" was fun and "One More Chance" was even better, this remix of "Papillion" might set you on fire. And if you don't like it, the fake crowd-noise as we come out of the bridge will make sure everyone thinks you did.

Listen :: Editors - "Papillion" [L'Amour La mourge Remix]

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