[CMJ 2009] Little Girls :: "Growing"

It is more than impossible to see every band you want to at CMJ. It is also impossible to know which bands will settle into people's hearts as hype builds from Tuesday to Friday, crescendos Saturday afternoon/evening, only to wash out like the tide from a beach full of pasty kids in skinny jeans. Little Girls are a band I both didn't see and one that set some worlds on fire in the last 96 hours. They play a style of lo-fi post-punk that sounds like Pains of Being Pure At Heart covering some lost New Order song from '84. The guitars have all been angled-off with something jagged and not terribly sharp and the vocals call from the bottom of a well where, we can imagine, this is all being recorded into a Fisher-Price tape deck. That said, it wouldn't be a stretch for Sophia Coppola to use this in her second try at the Marie Antoinette movie, as something grave, graceful, and extremely far away.

Listen :: Little Girls - "Growing"

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