Digits :: "Nonstop" and "You're Going To Age"

Digits spin tight electro-pop out of Toronto in a way that makes you think Phoenix and the Postal Service got together on a new NAFTA (all free-market connotations aside). The arrangements are lush, pulsing and emoting from one moment to the next. There are moments in "You're Going To Age" that evoke the best parts of Plastic Operator and there are moments in "Nonstop" that substantiate a more organic side of Phoenix's last album. Whirring keyboard loops, shifts of pace and complex, yet not overly academic, bleeps and blips color digital soundscapes that might represent the best electronic record you've heard this year. Digits are for real, as is Hold It Close, his debut record. Check it out in long-form. It just might make you head north.

Listen :: Digits - "Nonstop"
Listen :: Digits - "You're Going To Age"

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