Temper Trap :: "Sweet Disposition" [Alan Wilkis Remix]

The Temper Trap album didn't quite deliver like we thought it might. Maybe the fall from grace started at SXSW 2009 when a series of A&Rs told us the band looked a huge future in the face and blinked. This was terrible timing. They were only a few months away from an enormous feature spot in a hugely disappointing summer movie, 500 Days of Summer. In fairness to the band, "Sweet Disposition" was a massive piece of arena-pop and it was used somewhat inappropriately in the film. At the critical moment, we needed to hear the band's erupting chorus, a series of half-statements, "won't stop 'til it's over/won't stop 'til we surrender." Instead, it was chopped-instrumentals and a few vague illusions. And when things don't turn out exactly like you expect, you can always fashion them back together like any number of discarded pieces. This is when we get a remix. This is when we try again.

Listen :: Temper Trap - "Sweet Disposition" [Alan Wilkis Remix]

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