Eagulls :: "Council Flat Blues"

Storming out of Leeds, Eagulls are the opposite of "easy listening". On "Council Flat Blues", from the appropriately and awesomely titled Songs of Prey, the band opens with a protracted, feedback-heavy intro with chords that evoke the beginning of "Don't Look Back In Anger". But instead of a slurring Gallagher intoning, "Slip inside the eye of your mind," Eagulls elect for a longer, more furious build, moving from languid cymbal crashes to double-time drums. Your mind keeps waiting for Oasis but you keep getting The Pixies or The Cribs. The song strips down before exploding into a surging mixture of barked verses and sawing guitars. The hooks are fuzzed and swimming and undeniable. Like an intensely British version (and punkier) of Dead Confederate, Eagulls drag rock back down the tunnel into the depths, only to explode like a volcano on an overwhelmed therapist's couch.

Listen :: Eagulls - "Council Flat Blues" [mediafire]

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