Twin Sister :: "Lady Daydream"

As we mentioned a few weeks back, Twin Sister are out with their second EP, Color Your Life. Not only does the band display a remarkable sense of humor (exhibit A, exhibit B) but the seriousness with which they approach their music astounds in equal and opposite measure. On the EP's second track, "Lady Daydream," the band returns to carry listeners through mushy reverberations and trustworthy lyrics, like a cold medicine edict from a pretty female vocalist. It is at once familiar and distant. Unlike other bands trafficking in similar waters, Twin Sister boasts singable melodies and hidden hooks. A comparison worth making, like Beach House, the washed out production isn't hiding a lack of substance; it's hiding something worth diving to the bottom of the pool for. The gurgling waters at the end of the track encourage the listener to sink to the bottom and look for the glittering American currency you left down there yesterday afternoon.

Listen :: Twin Sister - "Lady Daydream"

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