[Elevator] Three Blind Wolves :: "Three Blind Wolves"

Sounding equal bits Frightened Rabbit and There Will Be Fireworks, with a heavy dose of We Were Promised Jetpacks, Glasgow's Three Blind Wolves should be glad their name is a metaphor and not a fairy tale sentence. What is certain is the pathos in play on their eponymous debut song. As a scraggly organ chord shifts and meditates, the singer suggests an image of three blind wolves dead by the road side. At 1:03 the song takes off into something full (trust me, when this isn't a demo, this moment is going to stand up the hair on your arms), evolving into a surging sort-of chorus that insists, "Don't leave, we need ya/don't leave, we need ya more." This is a band on the rise; a band who with some studio money and sheen will find themselves charging around the States in 2011. But, who are the dead, blind wolves? We assume the three little pigs finally exacted their revenge.

Listen :: Three Blind Wolves - "Three Blind Wolves" [mediafire]

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