Mary Onettes :: "The Night Before The Funeral"

My friend Nate ("all my friends") loves The Cure. This is not idle passion, although I suspect it has cooled and evolved over the years. He will occasionally ask for The Cure to be put on at social gatherings or insist that a Cure song be turned up or, most hilariously, deal an anecdote intimately related to "Boys Don't Cry". He is also the person who most recently encouraged me to listen to the pun-named, synth-pop dealers The Mary Onettes. This was last summer when I was feeling out the west coast and he was thrashing through a sweat-box New York July. Perhaps it goes back further, to 2008 when I forced the Shout Out Louds on him. This might have just been Robert Smith-inspired good turn. Back with a new record, and single of the same name, The Night Before The Funeral, The Mary Onettes still sound shocking like The Cure. And that's not idle passion either.

Listen :: Mary Onettes - "The Night Before The Funeral
Listen :: Mary Onettes - "Puzzles"
Listen :: Mary Onettes - "Lost"

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