Pallers :: "The Kiss"

This is a long drive for someone with too much too think about. And that's not a sonic reference to Modest Mouse because Pallers couldn't be further from Brock but it does refer to the cruise-control synthetics of "The Kiss," a song so built for dusky drives on lonely roads, it practically begs to soundtrack a remixed narrative (coming of age story this time?) of David Lynch's terrifying Lost Highway. Synth peel-offs jog in place as airy keyboards lay on each other like leotard-clad modern dancers in one of those downtown shows you got talked into going to and are secretly totally freaked out by. But "The Kiss" isn't terribly experimental, just a slow-build, weaving across three empty lanes of asphalt before shifting into fifth gear at the 3.15 mark. The yellow lines whip by and you stare into the vanishing point with both too much and too little on your mind.

Listen :: Pallers - "The Kiss"

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LOVE this!