ArpLine :: "Fold Up Like A Piece Of Paper"

Perhaps it is New York cynicism or the death of the concept of "openers", but we hadn't caught a non-headliner that blew our doors off in what seemed like three years. Brooklyn's ArpLine, opening for School of Seven Bells the other night, provided the specific antidote to this specific malaise. A big, bold pastiche of noise, electronics and guitars, underlying some serious pop-hooks for full four-minute stretches was more than enough to catch our attention. On "Fold Up Like A Piece Of Paper", certainly not even the band's best song, they dive into a frenetic progression before a pounding, breathless chorus. It is instantly catchy and these five guys, representing the coolest side of cool, won't be opening up for people for very long.

Listen :: ArpLine - "Fold Up Like A Piece Of Paper"

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