Procedure Club :: "Feel Sorry For Me"

New Haven's Procedure Club released their debut LP on Tuesday and track one, "Feel Sorry For Me" proves to be an excellent introduction to the band's tense fulcrum between psychodelica and twee. The track sounds eerily like two stereos, off-set by maybe a third of a second, playing the same Cocteau Twins song from 1988, but this time in a concrete chamber where everything echos and nothing leaves. Or maybe, like a Jesus and Mary Chain cover act playing in 2025. Of course, this is an absurd, magically real environment but, it is one that the band embraces and plays well. If derivations must be driven underground, buried and played through these awful Aiwa speakers, this is exactly how to do it, beautiful music left alone in the hopes of others.

Listen :: Procedure Club - "Feel Sorry For Me"

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