Interview :: Blair [6.16.10]

We heard Blair for the first time back in March amidst an email chain regarding Liz Phair and the critical impact of Exile In Guyville. It all seemed too fortunate. Blair, originally from Louisiana and now part of the Brooklyn Illuminati, made us manage to squeak out that we thought it was her year. Well, it still is, exiled or not. She was nice enough to trade emails with us and color us pink and blue and completely charmed.

32feet: Top 5 Desert Island records?


One Foot in the Grave - Beck
Loveless - My Bloody Valentine
Harvest - Neil Young
The White Album - The Beatles
Plastic Ono Band - John Lennon

Has Liz Phair been about as good and bad for girls as Nick Hornby has been for boys?

Liz Phair spoke her mind without any hesitance. She didn't stop to wonder if this is how a girl is supposed to talk. Hornby's characters seem to explore their romantic obsessions with a similar kind of honesty, that doesn't stop to consider if this is how they are supposed to be feeling. They just feel that way without self reflection. So, yes Liz Phair and Nick Hornby are equally good and bad. I'm assuming "bad" means good "bad" though.

If you could describe your music in two sentences, what would they be?

Kittens. Rainbows.

Usually, I ask bands if they were on a sinking ocean liner and there were only two life jackets, who would get them? It can be revealing. Since it's only you, let's assume there's 40% of a life jacket. Do you take it or say, "fuck it, that's a broken life jacket" and swim for it?

I'd float for as long as possible.

Stylistically, who is the one influence, from whom you borrow, that no one ever picks up on?

I listened to Blood Sugar Sex Magic by Red Hot Chili Peppers endlessly as a teenager. I am very influenced by John Frusciante's melodic palate. I don't play funk, and I can't tear it up like him, but there are a decent amount of similarities in our guitar playing. I went on to listen to listen to his solo records endlessly also, especially the first one, How to Record Water for 10 Days.

What is the one thing people don't know about you that they should absolutely, always remember?

Sometimes, I wish animals were different colors than what they are. You know, like pink deers, or blue bears. That would be amazing.

Listen :: Blair - "Hello Halo"
Listen :: Blair - "Heart"

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