Gold Sounds :: "You're A Vision"

Londoners, Gold Sounds could easily pass for a slightly spacier Bishop Allen or a more thoughtful, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin. "You're A Vision" is a crushing meditation, and I use this term lightly because so do they, on loss or, rather, being lost. The eponymous chorus follows "you're a vision" with "and that's as painful as it gets." It is a brutal turn of phrase surrounded by shimmying guitars and dancing keys. The foundational metaphor is one of being out to sea, without an oar, curiously juxtaposed in the second verse with a jag about not being able to find a career in the "music biz". We suppose the soul is in the searching. Gold Sounds closes "You're A Vision" with an echoing, Brian Wilson-inspired build of soaking, layered vocals. It's a vision recast not as a savior, but as a pariah. Maybe run away from the light this time.

Listen :: Gold Sounds - "You're A Vision"
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