PS I Love You :: "2012"

The future might reasonably assumed to be dreadful. Even without fantastic predictions of melting cities, debt crisis and tidal waves, it seems we live in an age fascinated by future fatalism. Ontario's PS I Love You address this round-the-bend distopia directly with a feedback heavy anti-anthem, "2012." Singer Paul Saulnier yelps forever into the melody of the guitar line, following the sheet music exactly like a Sunset Rubdown off-shoot with more attitude and less of a penchant for Dramamine. What else could make you forget about European debt, Chinese currency fluctuations and import/export imbalance? A volcano in the middle of your American city? Fair enough; and that is just what this sounds like.

Listen :: PS I Love You - "2012"


Analisa said...

I just found your blog, I love it.

32feet said...

Thanks Ann. I see you like Magic Bullets. We are forever cool.