Bad Books :: "You Wouldn't Have To Ask"

Bad Books are the creative amalgam of Andy Hull (Manchester Orchestra) and Kevin Devine. Their self-titled debut is set for release on October 19th, but possible first single, "You Wouldn't Have To Ask" is the first taste of the album. The song matches these two song-writers in perfect duet, Hull taking the top melody and Devine offering his baritone to the harmony underneath. The chorus outlines a crushing affair, Hull's trademark vocals soaring above everything as both singers destroy an unknown other over and over with the title lyric. Turning conditional sentences into weapons ("Is it really that bad?/If it wasn't you wouldn't have to ask") and indictments ("If you'd face it you wouldn't need a mask"), Hull and Devine hit a screaming catharsis as the song burns out in less than two minutes. Hook-filled and instantly memorable, "You Wouldn't Have To Ask" is one of the best rock songs of 2010; so, maybe shelve those questions for awhile.

Listen :: Bad Books - "You Wouldn't Have To Ask"

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noah said...

This is straight up Matthew Sweet c. 1995. Title of the album: 100% Fun.