Dead Confederate :: "Run From The Gun"

During the recording of second LP Sugar, Dead Confederate played this game in the studio where they taped their empty PBR cans together, eventually creating multiple battle staffs. Then they fought each other. It is only a brief window, churlish and irreverent, into the band's process on what is ultimately a dark, hard-driving record. And perhaps not ironically, in anticipation of Sugar's Tuesday release, Dead Confederate is giving away the most approachable song on the record, "Run From The Gun." It is an instantly memorable, bluesy progression designed for mournful drives and licensing in self-serious movies with troubled protagonists. Contradictory given their studio antics? Well, this is one of the best rock songs of the year, without trying a lick to have anyone ever say that; how's that for a reversal?

Listen :: Dead Confederate - "Run From The Gun"

Sugar is out just about everywhere tomorrow.

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