La Sera :: "Devils Hearts Grow Gold"

There is a nursery rhyme in "Devils Hearts Grow Gold," the latest mp3 released from Katy Goodman's breezy and brilliant solo project, La Sera. It could certainly be the easy rhymes or the sing-song melody, or the pedantic and prescriptive folk advice. Or maybe it is the sub-three minute attention span, short enough to easily remember, and repetitive enough to spend the afternoon chanting while playing foursquare in the driveway. Intentionally shabby, put together with one of those seminal shrugs of excellence, the guitar hook eerily evokes a different take on the Pixies' "Where Is My Mind?" If this is how the world burns, we won't be holding hands with Helena Bonham Carter on the 30th floor - we'll be out back playing simple games and singing this song.

Listen :: La Sera - "Devils Hearts Grow Gold"

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