Typhoon :: "CPR - Claws Pt.2"

Typhoon built this little lean-to in the Pacific Northwest, a shed against what we assume is the outside world, an absurd number of musicians drawn together to build something with a heartbeat. The tiny acoustic loop and the shy chimes which frame the foundation give way to exactly this body rhythm at 3.30, as the strings weld themselves behind what sounds like seven or eight enthusiastic voices. This second movement offers little for those in search of resolution, just a more angular progression, an edge to the hush of the song's first half. A troubling paralysis creeps in at the edges, "I want to live/but I don't want to live," before the final bout of apathy, "I don't want any enemies." Serving as the third movement of three, it is a world away from the hand-claps and Sufjan-referencing, secret-secret vocals of the first. For good reason they just want to find a place where they can be left alone, reflecting before the departure, "I am no God fearing man/But I am afraid."

Listen :: Typhoon - "CPR -Claws Pt.2"

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Natalie Menard said...

SOOO glad you recognized Typhoon. I've been to many of their live shows and they are such a fabulously fun experience.