Walk The Moon :: "Anna Sun"

This is the generation raised on Where The Wild Things Are and Chris Van Allsburg. Youth was cast as cartoonish mystery, as wonder and animated violence, as sketched fear and yearning. Of course, we are not six anymore and we grew, maybe even to paint our faces and run around in old buildings and fields on digital video. A generation of entitlement now faced with anxiety, operating with every coping heuristic we know, all committed to video tape. We are not afraid, according to Cincinnati's Walk The Moon on triumphant single, "Anna Sun"; we are exuberant and willing to document it. In an structure that references the synths, bass lines and ripping guitars that are very nearly pedantic, until they meet this chorus, a hook built only to pierce your cheek and drag you to the surface. It is your same life, only affirmed. These are the days of miracle and wonder, they insist, even while noting, "this house is falling apart." The regime recently ran against us a bit, but just look at these people: The revolution won't be televised, but it will certainly be put on youtube.

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