Smith Westerns :: "All Die Young"

The Smith Westerns charm with precociousness if nothing else. Even six months ago, the band toured the indie rock festival circuit while cracking jokes about not being old enough to drink. It was big stages but no wristbands for the teenagers from Chicago. But adolescence rounds into something else on their second LP, Dye It Blonde, a fantastic, Bowie-citing pop thesis, due out in little more than a week. Even a cursory listen proves that these hair-in-their-face sheepish kids are ready to be more than pretty good for their age. On "All Die Young," the swimming and summer pop of 1978 does a lazy box step at the last dance of the year. The obvious fatalism is the stuff of montage, a blurry water color of youth mixed with how we want to remember things, rather than how they actually happened. Kind of like the imagination of being a teenager out on tour, living in wayfarers on the set of some low budget Almost Famous.

Smith Westerns - "All Die Young" by forcefieldpr

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