California Wives :: "Tokyo"

Glossy is the word you're looking for. Metallurgical synths open the curtains on California Wives' latest single, "Tokyo", before a more lacadaisical version of the band's trademark guitars fill out the bottom of the mix. Glossy and full color, these are the winsome sounds of a band so relentlessly polished that their sound catches and reflects light. The chorus is a nonsense tautology, "They're building houses and lights in Tokyo." But, like on debut single, "Blood Red Youth", this band excells in laying the foundation of a refrain and making the lyrics seems more and more insistant - fervent even - each time around. By its conclusion, sounding like a balladeering Phoenix, California Wives have another excellent single to their credit. The Tokyo lights, such a useful image, glowing warm under a blanket of darkness.

Listen :: California Wives - "Tokyo"

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Anonymous said...

kickass...keep it up...nice music, gentlemen!