Friska Viljor :: "Larionov"

The first seconds of "Larionov", the first single from Sweden's Friska Viljor's forthcoming album, are a little like getting dropping to the middle of a Springsteen bridge. Horns ride up the tonal scale and then back down, legs kick out and the glasses on your table rattle from the din and your fist. This brassy in medias res opening eventually crops back up in the chorus, only this time with hook-laden lyrics about "the answers to my beating heart". It recalls a more fun version of The Rumble Strips' 2006 "Motorcycle", with the setting changed from a grey, British lane to the back room of a rock club that only allows major keys and never lets you sit down. Irrepressible in their ebulliance, Friska Viljor, who have been doing this brass-driven indie rock for awhile now, have the LP The Beginning of the Beginning of the End out on March 25th.

Friska Viljor - Larionov by Cryingbob

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maNuel said...

Sweden. Forever putting out great music!