Air Review :: "Waiting Lessons"

Somewhere between the harmonies of O Brother Where Art Thou? and the sparse brilliance of the National, lies a new Dallas band, Air Review. First single, "Waiting Lessons" is a slow build, a traveling song about returns and the aspiration that you might find what you're looking for out there. By the time the band introduces horns over the original piano progression, replete with those signature pebbled drums, you'll be having flashbacks to High Violet or Boxer or Alligator. But Air Review is somewhat lighter fare, still aimed squarely at what feel like American problems of journey and identity. Most recent single, "America's Son" wrestles with exactly these issues of a quest for self, an ineluctable pull, with both songs set against profoundly domestic backdrops. Whether the search turns outward or inside, Air Review have their sights somewhere down the Mississippi, a raft, or across the bay at the light on some girl's dock, that age-old American problem of restlessness, longing and the desire to be made whole.

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Richard said...

I like the Gatsby reference. Very nice.