Loney Dear - "My Heart"

Not surprisingly, Loney Dear, is talking about his fracturing heart. Sweden's best purveyor of sad-sack, beautiful pop, returns with a new record, Hall Music, and appropriately-titled lead single, "My Heart". What begins as a small thing, an almost forgotten riff that it seems Emil Svanagen found at the bottom of a backpack after months of inattention, grows teeth, replete with bells and a rapidly swelling sense of scale. Of course, this is what he does best, building orchestral pop from the ground up and then marveling at you marveling at it. The chord resolution at 2:04 marks exactly this type of understated brilliance, a quiet transition into a final movement full of "sadness", "disappointment" and the final insistance, "I want what I asked for." He resolves to find it, quietly, in an archetecture of his own design where the most obviously broken thing is in the center of his chest.

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