A Season Of Dilated Time :: An 8tracks Mix

A few days ago the good folks over at 8tracks asked us to put together a mix for summer. Luckily for them we're not above casual, passing flattery and we quickly threw together a bunching of songs that reminded us of warmer temperatures, or, as the title stolen from Michael Chabon suggests, "a coming season of dilated time." It's streaming over at our brand new 8tracks account, where we think we're going to be making a few more of these. If you're a regular reader, you'll notice a lot of favorites from the last few months (Capital Cities, Light Vibes, Bad Lamps, Auditorium, etc.), though minus the foghorn and genre-bending beat mixes of Natty Heavy's mix of a few weeks back. Like always, it's something to do while at work, you know, if you're not already shuffling the blog to death. Check it up.

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