The Jezabels - "Endless Summer"

Big news from the Jezabels, one of the best bands on the planet, now officially set to release their debut LP, Prisoner, on September 16. The first peak at the contents of the record is first single, "Endless Summer", opening with the band's trademark rolling drums and menacing keys. The signature is still the mercurial voice of singer Hayley Mary, an instrument with which she rages through the middle of the band's arrangements, pushing out to the edges of her range and modulating between distant pitches with absurd ease and aplomb. Everyone (this writer included) says Kate Bush, but a more refined comparison might make Mary the darker, less-British cousin of The Sundays' crushing singer Harriet Wheeler. And this is the trick,"Endless Summer" appears both dangerous and vulnerable, at once ready to kill and be killed. Come September, I suspect those tables will have turned and the target will be the American music public, set to get absolutely run over by The Jezabels and Prisoner.

Endless Summer by thejezabels

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